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02/22/00 - This site will become a sub-site for a major videogame website. This will also be the debut of ver 2.0 of this site.
02/10/00 - Final Fantasy IX will have the four elemental crystals like FF III, IV, V, and Mystic Quest.
02/09/00 - Final Fantasy XI to be released summer 2001 on Square's PlayOnline network.
02/08/00 - Squaresoft confirms plans to release Final Fantasy XI simultaneously for the PS2 in Japan and the U.S.
02/04/00 - Site graphical update.
02/04/00 - Final Fantasy IX section is up.
02/03/00 - This site is born.
01/30/00 - Final Fantasy IX, X, XI revealed at Square Millennium. FF IX will be on the Playstation, X and XI will be on the PS2.


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