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Oh no, Meteor is going to kill us all!  Where's Bruce Willis?

Ah...Final Fantasy VII. The first to appear on the playstation and the first Final Fantasy to feature polygonal characters. Final Fantasy VII is the longest Final Fantasy to finish at somewhere between 38 (my completion time) to about 49 hours (Next Generation Online) to complete. It is my personal favourite Final Fantasy and now that it is on Playstation's "Greatest Hits" program, it is really cheap for about $39.99. The story revolves around a young mercenary named Cloud and trying to recall his past and how it involves Sephiroth, a town named Nibelheim, Shin-Ra, and Jenova.

The Shin-Ra corporation is sucking the life force, Mako, from the center of the planet. Cloud, a vigilante with no past, joins the rebel force Avalanche. Once outside the floating city of Midgar, Avalanche soon discovers even greater threats to the planet than Shin-Ra. When Mako is extracted from the Lifestream, the flow of life on the planet is disrupted. Meanwhile the great Sephiroth, presumed killed at Nibleheim five years ago, has resurfaced. Both Shin-Ra and Avalanche pursue Sephiroth, each for their own reasons. They find his frozen body in the Northern Crater. Sephiroth summons the deadly Meteor to collide with the planet, and the planet--sensing a great threat--unleashes giant defensive beasts called Weapons to protect itself. The party searches for the only thing which can save the world: the spell of Holy.
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3 Compact Discs

Sony Playstation