The Story

Phoenix: Go to the northmost island. There is a small place called Shumi village. Go down and talk to the Sculptor who will give you the task of finding five stones. The first stone is located right behind the statue (blue stone). The Wind Stone is located on the path just after the Elder's house (going right). The Life Stone is located by the roots of the tree growing on a small cliff. The Shadow stone is located to the right of the Ultima Draw point after taking the elevator up. And the Water stone is a two parter. The first one is by the frog on the lake, but it's fake. The real one is in the Artisan's sink. Your reward will be something great (trust me) and a Phoenix Pinion. Use it (it's an item) in battle. You can only use it once though.
Note: You can use your GF abilities to make 100 phoenix downs into one mega phoenix, and use another GF ability to turn three mega phoenix's into one Phoenix Pinion.
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4 Compact Discs

Sony Playstation