The Story


Game- Final Fantasy VIII
Age - 17
Height - 5 feet 3 inches
Weapon - Blaster Edge
Bday - March 3
Blood - Unknown

A beautiful, spirited young woman. A lively individual with the ability to touch people's hearts. Open and honest with her feelings, she speaks her mind without reservation. Driven by her ambitions, she can be difficult at times.

Rinoa is a young, naive woman. She believes in the best of people and is relentless in her pursuit to get Squall to open up to others. Rinoa is also an idealist, and becomes the leader of an anti-Galbadian group called the Timber-Owls. She lives her life like an open book and you can always tell what she is feeling and what she thinks of you.
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General Information:


4 Compact Discs

Sony Playstation