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Best Junctioning Tips

*Note: Ultima is the best in any category (that allows it).

HP (Hit points): Curaga, Full-Life, Life.
STR (Strength): Meteor or Flare. Ultima if you want to kill.
VIT (Vitality): Your 2nd best Curative medicine.
MAG (Magic): Your best non-elemental attack magic.
SPR (Spirit): Not really important. Anything will do.
SPD (Speed): Haste works best. Triple, Stop, Slow afterwards.
HIT (Hit %): Don't bother trying to make it good.
LUCK (Luck): Unless you have Odin or Gilgamesh, this isn't very useful. Use a lower level curative magic like Cura or Cure.
ELM-ATK-J: Your top elemental magic.
ELM-DEF-J: ULTIMA. Use it Here! Do it and you'll see why!
ST-ATK-J: Sleep, Death, Mute, Pain.
ST-DEF-J: Life, Mute, Death, or Pain.
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