The Story


Game- Final Fantasy VIII
Age - 17
Height - 5 feet 8 inches
Weapon - Gunblade
Bday - August 23
Blood - AB

The taciturn and reluctant hero. A cadet in SeeD, the special combat unit of the Balamb Garden Military Academy. His aloof and anti-social behaviour makes him appear selfish and lacking a sense of team unity. Squall dislikes having others involved in his affairs, and is best described as a lone wolf.

The main character of Final Fantasy VIII, Squall would prefer the "don't talk to me and I won't talk to you" mantra. He is a young man with great potential but he squanders it with his rivalry with a fellow SeeD cadet names Seifer Almsay. He is the first SeeD to specialize in the Gunblade weapon, and is given command of his own group of SeeD's. Over time, Squall sees the need to reach out to his peers and he grows as a human being, and eventually a young woman catches his eye. To Squall, the mission comes before everything else, and will take orders without questions, as long as he is getting paid.
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4 Compact Discs

Sony Playstation