FF IX News tidbits as it comes in:

Note: Anything with an asterik (*) is confirmed news. Anything proven false or outdated has been removed.

-Character names: Zitan Tribal (a 16 year old theif who loves girls and girls love him)*
Adelbert Steiner (a 33 year old knight, servant of the royal family)*
VIVI Ornitier (a 9 year old black mage)*
Eiko Carol (a 6 year old girl who is sharp and will surprise many)*
Freija Cresent (a female knight with a troubled past)*
Quina Quen (an creature who really likes eating)*
Garnet Tale Alexandros the 17th (spoiled brat and princess of the royal family)*
Salamander Coral (a man who trusts nobody and believes power is everything)*
-The airship in released pictures is actually a floating theatre called the Prima Vista.*
-All cities in the game float.
-It will have the elemental crystals (Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire).
-Final Fantasy IX will be released Fall 2000.*
-The game will go back to the SUPER-DEFORMED look.*
-Pictures and videos show MP. There will be a magic pool. No more junctioning.*
-Alexander, Diablos, Leviathan, Ramuh, and Bahamut will be in IX.*
-Unconfirmed summons include Shiva, Ifrit, and Titan.
-One of the characters is a Black Mage.*
-Going back to the series' roots, your party will now consist of FOUR members.*
-The game will take place in a medievil era.*
-A playable Dragon is to be in the game.
-It will be a 32-bit Playstation game, not the Playstation 2.*
-Alexander is black and will have angelic wings.*
-There is a purple-skinned woman wearing a white dress with short purple wings.
-Airships will resemble the Falcon in Final Fantasy VI.
-There is a rat character. He's dark-colored, has a pointy blue hat, a tail, and a pointy nose.*
-Zitan has a tail.*
-Like Alexander, Ramuh has angelic wings.
-The design in the back of the Final Fantasy IX logo is an artifact of Zitan's.
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General Information:

To be released:
Late October 2000

Compact Disc

Sony Playstation