The Prelude

Welcome to the Final Fantasy Universe. This website was started in October 1999, and has been growing steadily. The purpose of this page to showcase the video game series Final Fantasy, made by Squaresoft of Japan. This site is an archive of multimedia more than anything else, and will be constantly updated with music, video clips, etc. This site also has character profiles, walkthroughs, secrets, tips, the stories, and other information pertaining to their respective games. Click on the pictures to the left (or below this paragraph) to go to a specific Final Fantasy, or click on the "Movie" button to get the latest information about the Final Fantasy Movie. I hope you enjoy your stay here in the Final Fantasy Universe and if there is any problems (like broken links), questions, comments, queries, qualms, or tablethumping, please feel free to E-mail me.

until the debut of FINAL FANTASY IX

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