The Story


Game- Final Fantasy VIII
Age - 18
Height - 5 feet 6 inches
Weapon - Whip
Bday - October 4
Blood - A

A top-notch member of SeeD who serves as Squall's instructor. A SeeD cadet at the age of 15, Quistis now instructs Squall and his companions at Balamb Garden. Contrary to her cool exterior, she occasionally has a difficult time coping with frustration, and as a result can become depressed over trivial matters.

Quistis Trepe is a classic genius. After being orphaned at a vey young age, she enrolled in SeeD at age 10. She excelled in all her courses and became a SeeD. She became an instructor when most people her age become cadets. As the teacher of both Squall and Seifer, Quistis feels a responsibility to protect Squall, and may even have a crush on him. She later joins Squall's team in their mission in Timber.
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4 Compact Discs

Sony Playstation