The Story


Game- Final Fantasy VIII
Age - 17
Height - 5 feet 5 inches
Weapon - Glove
Bday - March 17
Blood - B

A Garden cadet with unsurpassed martial arts skills. Aspiring to become like his grandfather who was once a soldier, Zell entered Garden at the age of 13. Not being one to think matters through, he is known to act on impulse rather than reasoning. At heart however, he is an honest, dedicated young man.

Zell Dincht is the hometown kid from Balamb. He is brash and not one to back down from a fight. Zell, who always obeys superior officers orders, is given the name "Chickenwuss" by Seifer because he did not stray from his team's objectives. He is impulsive and untamed and quite often loses his temper, especially with Seifer and his two cronies.
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4 Compact Discs

Sony Playstation