Game- Final Fantasy VI
Age - 18
Height - 5 feet 9 inches
Skill - Runic
Bday - Unknown
Blood - Unknown

Product of genetic enginerring, battle-hardened MagiTek Knight, with a spirit as pure as snow...

Engineered by her "father" Cid, Celes was made by combining espers and human genetics. This made Celes the best of the MagiTek knights and she was appointed a General of the Empire but was then deemed a traitor to the Empire's cause. She was rescued in South Figaro by Locke Cole. Celes is the only other person besides Terra to be able to naturally use magic and she is the only one with the ability to absorb other people's magic.
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General Information:


1 Cartridge

Super Nintendo

1999 as part of the PSX Final Fantasy Anthology