This section has the three new video clips from the Final Fantasy Anthology. The three videos consist of the INTRODUCTION, a special OPERA scene (not seen in the game), and the ENDING of the game. Anyone who has played through Final Fantasy III for Super Nintendo will certainly recognize some of the scenes that are shown in the opening and ending movies. The Opera scene is done by a real choir and sounds magnificent. Every Final Fantasy fan should hear it. Exercise caution when viewing the Ending video as it does contain spoilers for those who have never played the game before. These videos are really large in size (16-28 megs), so it will be a big and long download. These videos are not on my server and come from the Gaming Intelligence Agency. The graphics below also belong to them. Unfortunately, their servers do not allow resuming, so you cannot use Getright. Trust me though, if you do not successfully download, try again because they are worth it.

Final Fantasy VI Intro
Final Fantasy VI Opera
Final Fantasy VI Ending
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General Information:


1 Cartridge

Super Nintendo

1999 as part of the PSX Final Fantasy Anthology