The Story

The story is about an ex-soldier named Cloud who is hired by a resistance group called Avalanche. With Cloud's help, an "evil" Mako reactor (a power plant that sucks out the planets life force). Cloud later befriends the members of Avalanche: Barret (a giant black man with a gun arm), Wedge, Biggs, Jessie, and more importantly, Tifa (Cloud's childhood friend from Nibelheim). While leaving the 1st mako reactor, Cloud meets a female named Aeris, a flower girl. After Avalanche blows up another Mako reactor, the Shin-Ra Corporation (owners of the Mako reactor) decides to destroy the resistance group by making a sector of the "floating" city crush the slums below where Avalanche's base is. During this Shin-Ra operation, Wedge, Biggs, Jessie, everyone in the slums, and everyone on the falling sector of the "floating" city are killed. Cloud is separated from Avalanche and meets Aeris again. Aeris tags along with Cloud as he finds Tifa and Barrett. Once they are together, they retaliate by invading Shin-Ra headquarters. There they become aquainted with a lab experiment named Red XIII, and learn of Sephiroth and Jenova. They find president Shin-Ra dead by Sephiroth's hand. President Shin-Ra's son Rufus takes over as president. Leaving the floating city of Midgar, Cloud and the gang decide to bring Sephiroth to justice. They visit many towns and they meet a couple of new people: Cid Highwind (a pilot) and Cait Sith (a cat). During their travels, they learn that Sephiroth is actually of the same bloodline as the Ancients, the species that ruled the world before the "human infestation". They also learn that Sephiroth wants to reclaim the land for the Ancients by summoning a meteor that will destroy all that live on the planet. Aeris, being of the Ancient bloodline, takes the materia that will summon Meteor to a forgotten city. When Cloud eventually finds her, Sephiroth falls from the ceiling and kills Aeris.

The saddest moment in Videogames...(sob)

Sephiroth takes and summons Meteor. It will take Meteor only a short while to hit earth and Avalanche teams up with Shin-Ra to destroy Sephiroth. They try to send a rocket up into space that would blow up Meteor, but it fails. Realizing that they could not destroy Meteor, thet decide to try to kill Sephiroth himself. The Earth in retaliation of Sephiroth and humans in general, summons 5 gigantic monsters called "weapons". Although Cloud was able to destroy each weapon, once is successful in shooting a barrage of ammunition at Shin-Ra headquarters, killing President Rufus and eliminating Shin-Ra as a factor. While preparing the final battle, the group meet two new faces, Yuffie (a ninja), and Vincent (a gunman). So Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Cid, Red XIII, Cait Sith, Vincent, and Yuffie go to the Northern Cavern where Sephiroth is and confront him. After a long and epic battle, Cloud finally slays Sephiroth with the Omni-slash. To their dismay however, Meteor continues to fall and reaches the Earth's atmosphere. With nothing left, the weary group watches on and awaits their fate. However, the spirit of Aeris summons the lifestream (the life force of the planet), to block Meteor from Earth and uses the Holy magic to finally destroy Meteor, and the world is safe, at last.

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