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Character Card locations

Quistis Card: Win it from Trepie#2 in Instructor Trepe's classroom in Balamb Garden.
Seifer Card: Win it from Headmaster Cid at anytime you have the opportunity to speak to him.
Squall Card: Win it from Laguna in the Esthar Presidential Building.
Rinoa Card: Lose the Ifrit card to General Caraway in Deling City. Win Ifrit back from the Card Queen. Next time you fight General Caraway, he will use Rinoa's Card.
Selphie Card: Win it from Selphie's best friend in the ruined Trabia Garden.
Zell Card: Win it from Ma Dincht in Balamb Garden.
Edea Card: Win it from Edea, at her house.
Irvine Card: Win it from the Female station Master in Fisherman's Horizon. Don't ask me why she has it.
Laguna Card: Win it from Ellone at the Lunarside base.
Kiros Card: Win it from the man in black in Deling City.
Ward Card: Hey it rhymes! Wait, no it doesn't... Win it from the "unbeatable" man on the second floor of the Dollet Hotel.
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